About Our Kennel


The first boxer came into my life in 1989. It was a dog as a pet and just a friend. His name was Daur. Daur was not of pedigree value in the Soviet Union at the time, but he was very capable of training and obedience. With this dog my long life in cynology began. 

According to the rules of those days, everyone who owned a dog was required to take an obedience course at the Dog Club. We were no exception. Daur showed the highest results and we were enrolled in the group of demonstration performances, agit-brigade named after P. Karatsupa.

In 1992 I bought a bitch named Eileen, she was brindle with white on the face, legs and chest. Three litters were obtained from this bitch, which were registered in the DSAF Kennel Club.

In 1996, a brindle and white male ANGEL f. SPARTAKUS was brought from Hungary. It was a dog of the modern type, with the desired bloods. Angel has established himself as an excellent producer, he was the Champion of Ukraine. It was the first dog in my house that was registered with the Kennel Union of Ukraine.

In 2000, I purchased ANGEL f. SPARTAKUS’ granddaughter, VIKTORIY. This dog became the founder of the kennel.

In 2004, my husband and I registered a kennel named “NORDOM” in the Kennel Union of Ukraine. Since according to the rules of the KSU it was possible to write only one surname of the owner, I registered the kennel in my husband’s name.

The joint kennel with my husband operated until 2012. During this period, dogs were born in the kennel, which were the first in Ukraine to win the titles World Champion, European Champion, ATIBOX Champion. These are the first boxers who were born in Ukraine who have the highest titles in the World!!!

In 2013 the kennel was renamed to “NORDOM”.

In 2014, another puppy was born in our kennel, which has the highest title in the World for the breed – ATIBOX Junior Champion.

To this day, we continue to work in our cattery.

We try to breed dogs of the highest quality, with excellent health, character and conformation.

Dogs from our kennel live in many countries of Europe, USA, Canada, etc.

We are always happy to make new acquaintances, ready to answer all questions and help with raising our puppies.

Respectfully yours, Vice-President of the boxer club of Ukraine, owner of the kennel “NORDOM”, judge of FCI Belorus Tatiana.