Boxer dogs for sale in Wilmington DE | Do Boxers shed?

Boxer dogs for sale in Wilmington DE | Do Boxers shed?

Boxer dogs for sale in Wilmington DE. Boxers have such short coats. It’s easy to assume they don’t shed heavily—but sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Boxers do shed, but they’re a low-shedding breed—meaning you won’t find a ton of loose fur around the house if you adopt one. Their coat is also very low maintenance, requiring a once-over with a brush just one to two times a week.

Do Boxers shed heavily? Boxer dogs for sale in Wilmington Delaware

No, Boxers don’t shed heavily. They actually shed very little!

This is because they have a short, single coat with only one layer. Unlike double-coated breeds, Boxers don’t have a heavy shedding season and instead shed consistently throughout the year.

The fur that does shed might be more likely to end up around the house than to stay on your dog because there isn’t a lot of fur to trap it on the coat. This is good for your Boxer, but it means more cleanup for you.

Do Boxers drool?

While boxers don’t shed a lot, they do drool moderately. You’ll find puddles around the water dish, on your pup’s bed after a nap, and maybe on the floor or your leg as they beg for a treat.

If you’re worried about shedding due to the cleanup needed, you should consider the mess a Boxer’s drool can make. It won’t be excessive, but it can be a turn-off for some potential adopters.

How do I stop my Boxer from shedding? Boxer dogs for sale in Wilmington DE

Boxers are already a low-shedding dog breed, but you’ll never be able to stop their coat from shedding entirely. Here are some ways to reduce your Boxer’s shedding:

  • Brush them twice a week with a hound glove or rubber curry brush.
  • Use a deshedding shampoo.
  • See a professional dog groomer who will remove more of your Boxer’s shed fur than you might be able to at home.

In addition, here are some tips for keeping up with your Boxer’s shed:

  • Cover your car seats and furniture. You can use blankets or store-bought covers.
  • Purchase a reusable lint roller. These are fairly cheap and save you money when compared to disposable lint rollers. They work well and are also better for the environment!
  • Use vacuum attachments to reach more fur.
  • Use a carpet rake for stuck fur. Sometimes, fur can tangle in the carpet fibers, making it impossible to get out with a vacuum. Carpet rakes solve this problem easily! They’re also a great alternative to lugging a vacuum up and down the stairs.
  • Brush your Boxer outside. This keeps fur from flying around your home, going into the air, and eventually settling on your furniture and carpet.
Boxer dogs for sale in Wilmington DE | Do Boxers shed?

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