Boxer puppies Baltimore Maryland | How to groom a Boxer

Boxer puppies Baltimore Maryland | How to groom a Boxer

Boxer puppies Baltimore Maryland. There are a few steps when it comes to grooming a Boxer:

  • Coat brushed to distribute oils, promoting good skin and coat health
  • Bathed regularly to keep them looking and smelling their best
  • Nails trimmed to avoid pain and injuries
  • Ears cleaned to help prevent irritation and ear infections
  • Teeth brushed to prevent plaque build-up and dental disease

Clean your Boxer’s ears monthly | Boxer puppies Baltimore Maryland

Whether your Boxer’s ears are cropped or not (and if not, please don’t consider it!), they can develop ear infections. Their ears will also naturally accumulate wax and debris inside.

Cleaning your Boxer’s ears monthly can help prevent itching, irritation, and ear infections. Some Boxers will need their ears cleaned more often on a veterinarian’s recommendation—for instance; veterinarians often recommend cleaning the ears weekly if your dog gets frequent ear infections.

Your Boxer will most likely love having their ears cleaned, as all you’re doing is rubbing the inside of the ear! It’s also very easy for humans, if a little gross.

Here’s how to clean your Boxer’s ears:

  • Apply dog ear cleaner to a cotton pad. You can also use a small amount of baby oil along with a q-tip, cotton ball, or paper towel. It’s up to you!
  • If your Boxer has floppy ears, flip them upright. This allows you to see the inside of the ear clearly.
  • Gently wipe the underside of the ear. Most debris should come off immediately, but if it doesn’t, try holding your cotton pad there for a moment to soak it. Don’t pick too much at the ears, as you can hurt your pup.
  • Never stick anything inside the ear canal. We want to clean the floppy part of the ear, not the inner ear. That part should only be cleaned by a veterinarian as-needed, because sticking something inside of it can push wax further in or even damage the ear drum.

As you’re cleaning your Boxer’s ears, watch for any redness, odor, swelling, or abnormal discharge. These are symptoms of ear problems like an infection or ear mites. If you notice these symptoms, see a veterinarian for treatment.

Boxer puppies Baltimore Maryland | How to groom a Boxer

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