Boxer puppies for sale in Philadelphia | How to groom a Boxer

Boxer puppies for sale in Philadelphia | How to groom a Boxer

Boxer puppies for sale in Philadelphia. There are a few steps when it comes to grooming a Boxer:

  • Coat brushed to distribute oils, promoting good skin and coat health
  • Bathed regularly to keep them looking and smelling their best
  • Nails trimmed to avoid pain and injuries
  • Ears cleaned to help prevent irritation and ear infections
  • Teeth brushed to prevent plaque build-up and dental disease

Brush your Boxer’s teeth at least once weekly | Boxer puppies for sale in Philadelphia

Ideally, our dog’s teeth should be brushed daily like ours. Boxers especially have small mouths due to their brachycephalic (short) snout and are susceptible to dental disease.

However, most dog owners don’t brush their dog’s teeth at all—so weekly is a bit of a compromise between daily and never.

No one’s a perfect dog owner, so just brush your Boxer’s teeth when you can. Also, ensure you’re getting them in for dental cleanings at the veterinarian if possible.

Brushing your Boxer’s teeth is pretty self-explanatory, but here are a few tips:

  • Work on training first. This means desensitizing your Boxer to having their mouth handled and getting them used to the toothbrush.
    The process should be taken slowly and might look like rewarding your Boxer for sniffing the toothbrush at first, or licking the toothpaste. Then, you can work on touching it to their teeth and eventually brushing.
  • Only use toothpaste made for dogs. Human toothpaste is toxic to dogs and isn’t meant to be swallowed.
  • Any toothbrush will do. There are so many dog toothbrushes on the market—I was stunned when I first noticed this! From simple brushes to those that go on your finger and even electric dog toothbrushes, there’s a lot to choose from.
    But you can also buy a soft-bristled human toothbrush from the dollar store and get the job done just fine.
  • Be patient! Dogs don’t naturally know how to have their teeth brushed, so it’s a learning experience for them. It might take time before your Boxer lets you brush their teeth, especially if you’re trying to get their whole mouth done at once. Little steps are best!
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