Boxer puppy for sale Jersey City NJ | How to groom a Boxer

Boxer puppy for sale Jersey City NJ | How to groom a Boxer

Boxer puppy for sale Jersey City NJ. There are a few steps when it comes to grooming a Boxer:

  • Coat brushed to distribute oils, promoting good skin and coat health
  • Bathed regularly to keep them looking and smelling their best
  • Nails trimmed to avoid pain and injuries
  • Ears cleaned to help prevent irritation and ear infections
  • Teeth brushed to prevent plaque build-up and dental disease

Trim your Boxer’s nails monthly | Boxer puppy for sale Jersey City NJ

When a Boxer’s nails grow too long, walking becomes painful. Extra-long nails will even curl into the paw pads and break the skin. They can also snag on objects and snap painfully.

This is why they should be trimmed at least once a month. If you notice them getting long or sharp, you can always cut them more often as well.

Here’s how to trim your Boxer’s nails:

Start with training. Desensitize your pup to having their paws handled by petting their feet, then holding the paw, separating the toes, and touching the nails. Slowly desensitize them to the nail trimmers as well before using them.
Learn to avoid the quick. The quick is located at the base of each nail and is filled with blood. Cutting into it will hurt your dog and make the nail bleed.
If your Boxer has light-colored nails, it’ll be very easy to see the quick. If they have darker nails, I suggest looking at dogs with light nails to get a good idea of where the quick is located.
Trim the tip of each nail. Less is typically more when it comes to trimming dog nails. Even if your Boxer’s nails are very long, trimming just the tip is a good idea because the quick might also be long! You can then go back and trim more as the quick recedes.
Use flour or cornstarch if needed to stop bleeding. A bit of either applied to the cut should stop bleeding within a few minutes. If the nail bleeds for longer, see a veterinarian for help.
When trimming your Boxer’s nails, also look between the toes for any skin irritation or discoloration. Examine the paw pads for any dryness, cracks, or splinters.

If your Boxer’s paw pads are very dry, you can try applying some coconut oil to them. Some dogs will lick this right off, but that’s completely safe and will still help make the fur and skin softer!

Boxer puppy for sale Jersey City NJ | How to groom a Boxer

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