Cute Boxer puppies in Chesapeake, VA | Training and raising a Boxer

Cute Boxer puppies in Chesapeake, VA | Training and raising a Boxer

Boxer is intelligent and easily trainable dog in Chesapeake. At the same time, they possess stubbornness and selectively perceive new information. They often refuse to obey many commands, preferring to follow only those they like.

Some owners believe that training a dog of this breed requires the “carrot and stick” method, meaning punishing for disobedience and rewarding for precise command execution. However, the “stick” in this approach is unnecessary, as boxers react poorly to punishment. Various rewards (praise, treats, rewards), on the other hand, make them more receptive to training. By using a specific set of commands during training, you will undoubtedly achieve excellent results. With proper and clear task setting, the learned commands stay with the boxer for a long time in Chesapeake.

The upbringing of a boxer usually begins from the moment the puppy enters the house, and comprehensive training starts at three months old. The first step is to teach the dog basic commands such as “Sit!”, “Lie down!”, “Stay!”. Once your pet has grasped these, you can proceed to teach the command “Come to me!”. This command is considered crucial; the boxer should obey it in any situation and on the first attempt.

Boxers love open spaces

Boxers love open spaces, making rural areas ideal for them. However, even in an apartment, your four-legged friend will feel comfortable if you regularly take it for walks in a large park, where it can roam around for a while. The dog will be a great companion for an owner who enjoys morning or evening runs. It’s willing to spend the entire day outdoors.

Dogs of this breed are often allowed to play in the courtyards of houses, ensuring the fence’s strength beforehand. This precaution is not superfluous: there have been many cases where German boxers jumped over fences and escaped. Their jaws are so powerful that when left alone at home, they can even break a door lock.

Cute Boxer puppies in Chesapeake, VA | Training and raising a Boxer

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