How boxers get along with children and other pets

How boxers get along with children and other pets

Boxers are generally very kind dogs when they are around children of all ages and when given the correct guidance they are extremely loyal and protective of their family pack which is something that must be taken into account when the kids have friends over to play. As with any other breed they need to be well socialised and introduced to as many new situations pets and people from a young age to be truly well-balanced and well-behaved dogs and even then their playfulness usually gets the better of them.

They are also known to be good around other dogs and family pets and as previously mentioned a Boxer rarely shows any sort of aggressive behaviour towards other animals providing they have been well enough socialised from a young age. However it’s always best to make sure that any introductions to new dogs or other animals goes smoothly by keeping a close eye on things especially when smaller animals and pets are involved thanks to the Boxer’s higher prey drive.

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