Intelligence / Trainability of the Boxer

Intelligence / Trainability of the Boxer

Boxers are intelligent dogs but they need to be well handled and given the right sort of guidance from a young age for them to be truly obedient dogs. They also need to be well socialised as soon as possible so they get to meet new people other animals and new situations for them to grow up to be calmer more rounded dogs.

Boxers can be boisterous when young which means it can prove difficult to get a dog to focus when they are being taught anything new. With this in mind it’s essential for these dogs to be handled firmly right from the word go so they understand their place in the “pack” and who is alpha dog. Boxers can become unruly and wilful if they are not given the right sort of direction and they are extremely quick at picking up any bad habits which need to be nipped in the bud gently but firmly.

It would be a mistake to keep “bribing” a Boxer to get them to do something because it generally means they have succeeded in “training” their owners rather than the other way around. Boxers are highly intelligent even though they play the fool and as such they are extremely fast learners with the downside being they are just as quick to pick up some bad habits as well as the good.

Intelligence / Trainability of the Boxer Puppies

Boxer puppies must be taught limits and boundaries right from the word go bearing in mind that they will also test any ground rules just for the fun of it. Puppies must be taught the basic commands as soon as they arrive in their new homes and this includes the following bearing in mind that it is in a Boxer’s nature to “test” the limits of how far they can go just for the fun of it:

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Quiet
  • Leave it
  • Down
  • Bed

On video Nestor NorDom in training

Shartrez. Intelligence Trainability Boxer

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