More about White Boxers

More about White Boxers

There has been a lot of myths about White Boxers and the fact they are rare which is not true at all. In fact 25% of Boxers when first born are white. They are not “albino” either they simply have less pigment in their skin and although some completely white dogs might be thought of as being albino they would have to have “pink” eyes to truly be so. A simply white dog would have normal coloured eyes.

The other difference between an albino dog and a White Boxer is that they are the result of two White Boxers that have the “recessive gene” being mated whereas a white dog that’s albino would be the result of having the “albino gene mutation”.

Another myth is that White Boxers are more prone to developing and suffering from more health issues but there is no evidence of this being true. With this said because they have lower levels of melamine they are more prone to being sunburnt and of developing skin cancer. Another issue with a lot of white coated dogs including the Boxer is that they are more predisposed to impaired hearing and vision.

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