Temperament of the Boxer

Temperament of the Boxer

Known to be real clowns Boxers are often referred to as the “jokers of the dog world”. They are energetic playful and fun characters to have around and they take a long time to mature. Boxers are always eager to please and extremely loyal dogs by nature. However they need to be handled gently but firmly so they understand their place in the “pack” or they can become a handful and a bit wilful and stubborn when the mood takes them. Boxers must know who is alpha dog and who they can look to for direction and guidance otherwise they will take on the role and show a more dominant side to their natures which is something to be avoided at all costs.

Boxers also need to be well socialised and introduced to new people animals and different situations as early as possible to curb any unwanted behaviours like jumping up when they greet someone which if not nipped in the bud can develop into a real problem. They rarely show any aggressive behaviour but due to their size jumping up can be a little intimidating to people and a dog could accidentally knock a child over by doing so.

Some Boxers can be a little wary when around people they don’t know and they are quick to let an owner know when there are strangers about. They need to be kept busy because if a Boxer gets bored through lack of exercise or because they are not given enough mental stimulation they can become quite destructive around the house which includes chewing on furniture and digging up carpets.

Boxers are a great choice for families

Being such hyperactive characters Boxers are a great choice for families and people who love to spend as much of their free time with a canine companion in the great outdoors. They adore playing interactive games which includes things like Frisbee. In general the Boxer is a quick learner because they are intelligent although at times they are known to be a little head strong but with the correct training and handling Boxers are a real pleasure to be around.

Boxers are independent thinkers by nature and will always “test” the limits and commands they are given which is why they must be handled with a firm and fair hand right from the word go and throughout their lives and even then a Boxer would always “try it on” when the mood takes them.

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