Boxer dogs in Virginia Beach, VA | Boxer’s character

Boxer dogs in Virginia Beach, VA | Boxer's character

Lively, playful, curious, cheerful, and energetic – these traits fully characterize German Boxer in Virginia Beach. Moreover, these dogs are loyal and become strongly attached to their owner and the members of their family. These positive characteristics remain with the boxer throughout their life; they enjoy being around many people and noise.

A well-trained boxer gets along excellently with the young members of the family. Hetreating them gently, never hurting them, and happily playing with them. It will not only become a great companion for your child but also a reliable guardian.

Boxer raising in Virginia Beach

Given good upbringing and social adaptation, representatives of this breed will get along well not only with other dogs in the household but even with cats. However, small animals and birds can be a real “temptation” for them. You can teach your pet not to touch them, and in your presence, it won’t do so. But, as they say, it’s better not to leave the boxer alone with them just to avoid any trouble.

Boxers love to fool around and warmly greet all the people they know. Yet, they never lose their vigilance, making them excellent protectors for their family. This brave and athletic breed retains excellent guarding qualities sometimes into old age. To prevent the expression of less desirable traits such as excessive noise, stubbornness, and sometimes unruliness, a dominant owner is needed.

Adult individuals possess a calm temperament, which is a direct result of proper training at an early age. The popularity of the breed is precisely due to this balanced nature along with natural intelligence and tolerance towards people and other pets. Boxers show the most affectionate feelings towards their owner and by their behavior, clearly demonstrate their enjoyment of being close. If not trained in social skills, the dog will spend its entire life being suspicious of strangers, barking at them, and refusing to let them approach the owner.


The playful and straightforward behavior of a boxer lasts until the age of 2-3 years, although physically they mature around one and a half years. Many owners, not well-versed in the subtleties of the breed, complain that boxers don’t understand the commands they are taught. In reality, the dog needs time to absorb and consolidate new information. Owners eventually realize that this is the case: at a certain point, the dog starts to perform all the things that it seemed to learn without purpose for an extended period.

Boxer dogs in Virginia Beach, VA | Boxer's character

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