Introduction of the Boxer

Introduction of the Boxer

Introduction of the Boxer. Boxers are high energy dogs and are often described as being exuberant extrovert while at the same time being the clowns of the dog world. They love being entertained and to entertain with their silly dances and fun-loving outlook to life. If there is one thing a Boxer is not it’s a couch potato. These dogs are extremely loyal and the fact they are so outgoing by nature it means they are great fun to have around. It is said that once a person has owned a Boxer they would never dream of sharing their home with another breed of dog.

The breed originates from Germany where they were bred as working dogs and it’s believed that Boxers boasts having several well-known and loved breeds in their ancestry. This includes the Bulldog and Great Dane. Their name comes from a German word “beisser” which was corrupted to Bullenbeisser which translated to English means “bull biter”. Boxers are exceptional watchdogs even in a home environment and are very quick to let their owners know if there are any strangers or people about.

The Boxer has consistently been a popular choice of family pet for many years elsewhere in the world and for good reason. They are loyal fun-loving extremely good with children of all ages and they are always ready to join in a game with as much gusto as you would hope for from a reliable loving and comical family pet. In short the Boxer is a true and much-loved all-rounder.

On video Daniela NorDom. Atibox 2010 Poland

SIMONA D'Jandilla Boxer. Introduction Boxer

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