Boxer puppies for sale in Rochester, NY | German Boxer features

Boxer puppies for sale in Rochester, NY | German Boxer features

A German boxer at the age of 18 months is already a mature dog, fully developed physically. However, their inner world remains ‘childish’ up to about a year and a half. Due to this, attempting to train the dog during this period of emotional immaturity is almost futile, meaning it doesn’t respond to commands, and the owner might even start to feel as if they’re communicating with a deaf dog. But at one wonderful moment in training, a breakthrough occurs, and your beloved pet suddenly starts understanding everything it was previously taught, but in vain.

The boxer is a sociable dog, getting along easily with other four-legged residents of the household in Rochester. However, sometimes their feisty nature takes over, and they begin to chase neighborhood cats. It happens that dogs of this breed easily engage in fights with other dogs, often even provoking the altercations themselves. By nature, the boxer is a true fighter – agile, brave, and strong. When properly trained, they can become excellent guards. The childlike directness inherent to the boxer remains with them throughout their life. The dog displays notable stubbornness but never achieves its goals through aggression. Its main weapons are humor and charm, which can melt the heart of any loving owner.

Representatives of this breed possess remarkable sensitivity; they are highly intelligent and cunning. Sometimes they can be noisy, which some owners perceive as a drawback. Therefore, to cultivate their best traits and minimize shortcomings, training boxers is a must. With the right approach to this task, you can achieve astonishing results, as boxers view training as a game and readily embrace it.

Boxer training in Rochester

It’s important to understand that training a German boxer requires patience and consistency. Their independent nature can sometimes lead to moments of defiance, but these instances usually stem from their strong-willed character rather than a desire to challenge authority. Positive reinforcement techniques work best with boxers; their eagerness to please and their love for their owners make treats, praise, and playtime effective motivators.

Health-wise, the German boxer is generally a robust breed. Regular exercise is essential to keep their energy levels in check and maintain their muscular physique. Due to their short coat, they are relatively low-maintenance in terms of grooming. However, their wrinkles need attention to prevent any skin issues. Regular check-ups at the vet, a balanced diet, and proper hydration are paramount to ensuring their well-being.


The German boxer is a fascinating blend of strength, intelligence, and affection. From the challenge of their early training to the loyalty they demonstrate throughout their life, they become cherished members of any household that welcomes them. Their uniqueness lies not only in their physical attributes but also in their endearing quirks and unwavering companionship. So, if you’re ready for a lively, loving, and occasionally comical companion, the German boxer might just be the perfect addition to your family.

Boxer puppies for sale in Rochester, NY | German Boxer features

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