Caring for a Boxer puppy

Caring for a Boxer puppy

Boxer puppies are extremely exuberant in everything that they do and they remain playful throughout their lives. They can also be quite destructive around the home which is why it’s a very good idea to limit the number of rooms a puppy can roam in by fitting child gates to specific doors. It is also essential for a house and garden to be thoroughly “puppy-proofed” well in advance of a Boxer puppy arriving in their new home which means putting valuable ornaments somewhere safe and to make sure all electric wires and cables are well out of the reach of a Boxer puppy’s jaws.

It’s also important to set up a quiet area for a puppy so they can retreat to it when they want to nap bearing in mind that all puppies can sleep up to 21 hours a day which they need to do so they develop and grow properly. The area should not be too out of the way because it’s important to keep an ear and eye on a Boxer puppy and for them to know they are not on their own. With this said children need to be taught not to disturb a puppy when they are asleep and to leave them alone when they are eating too.

Preparing a boxer puppy for sale

A Boxer puppy would have been wormed before being sold and the documentation a breeder provides for a puppy must have all the details of their worming date and the product used as well as the information relating to their microchip. It is essential for puppies to be wormed again keeping to a schedule which is as follows:

  • Puppies should be wormed at 6 months old
  • They need to be wormed again when they are 8 months old
  • Puppies should be wormed when they are 10 months old
  • They need to be wormed when they are 12 months old

As previously mentioned Boxer puppies are incredibly bouncy and quite comical but it’s important not to let them run up and down stairs or to jump up and down on the furniture because their joints and bones are still developing and this would put unnecessary stress on them which could lead to more health issues later in a dog’s life.

Keeping the noise down

All puppies are very sensitive to loud noises so it is important to keep the volume of a television down and not to play music too loudly either because it could frighten a Boxer puppy and prevent them from napping as they should during the day.

Keeping vet appointments

Reputable breeders would always ensure their puppies vaccinated before they are sold but as previously mentioned it is up to their new owners to make sure they are given their follow-up shots at the right time which should be as follows:

  • 10 -12 weeks old bearing in mind that a puppy would not have full protection straight away but would only be fully protected 2 weeks after they have had their second vaccination

When it comes to boosters it’s best to discuss these with a vet because there is a lot of debate about whether a dog really needs them after a certain time. However if a dog ever needed to go into kennels their vaccinations would need to be.

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