Boxer puppies Newark Delaware | How to groom a Boxer

Boxer puppies Newark Delaware | How to groom a Boxer

Boxer puppies Newark Delaware. There are a few steps when it comes to grooming a Boxer. Though they’re very low-maintenance in the grooming department, every dog needs the following:

  • Coat brushed to distribute oils, promoting good skin and coat health
  • Bathed regularly to keep them looking and smelling their best
  • Nails trimmed to avoid pain and injuries
  • Ears cleaned to help prevent irritation and ear infections
  • Teeth brushed to prevent plaque build-up and dental disease

Brush your Boxer’s coat 1-2 times weekly | Boxer puppies Newark Delaware

Luckily, Boxers are very easy to brush. Because they have little fur, going over the coat once or twice with a hound glove or rubber curry brush should be enough to collect shed fur and distribute your dog’s oils along their coat and skin.

This should take five to ten minutes at most. You can also use this time to look over your Boxer’s fur and skin for abnormal growths, skin redness, injury, or pests.

Quick health checks like this during grooming can help you know what’s normal for your dog, so you can be faster to act when they show symptoms of an illness.

Bathe your Boxer as-needed | Boxer puppies Newark Delaware

Because of their short coats, Boxers are pretty clean dogs. They don’t tend to pick up a lot of debris from outside and shouldn’t need to be bathed often.

However, every dog should get the occasional bath. You’ll know it’s time if your Boxer looks physically dirty or they smell.

Keep a dog shampoo on hand—and a dry shampoo for times when you don’t want to handle a full bath—so that you’re prepared for these times.

Human shampoos can dry out your pup’s skin, and some human soaps may even cause skin irritation.

Be sure to get all areas of your dog’s body, including their paw pads, between the toes, and their stomach. Rinse the shampoo off thoroughly, as leftover soap can cause skin irritation.

Follow up with a dog conditioner, some coconut oil to moisturize the fur and skin, or simply dry your Boxer off with a towel.

You can also use a blow dryer if you don’t want to let them air dry or it’s chilly out. Just ensure you keep it on a low-heat setting, as blow dryers can burn your dog or cause heat stroke when used improperly.

Boxer puppies Newark Delaware | How to groom a Boxer

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